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Allow me to reintroduce myself.

Since May of 2015 I have delivered a quality product and 5 star service all around the Valley. A locally owned and operated business with a born & raised owner/operator. Prior to starting my business I had been working with autos for a car rental, body shops and a detailing business as I have always been a car, truck & boat enthusiast. In 2015 I set out to take my skillset to higher level of capability and bring an honest business with a new standard of professionalism to a not so honest automobile industry. I invested in myself receiving the very best training in the industry out in California and adapting it to the most extreme of climates; Arizona. Knowing the chemistry of the products used in our line of work allows me to select the right product or even modify products to deliver optimal results in an efficient manner. Quickly I put Next Level Detail on the map with some of the most dramatic transformations in the industry saving paint coatings, restoring surfaces and returning good health to a vehicles cosmetics, a boats structure and interior; even reversing damage caused by the environment & lack of maintenance to RV’s. Avoiding a respray, the auto’s value is restored, money and time is saved making my product very appealing. Now let’s add convenience and transparency to the mix and the business is now operating on a whole other level, Next Level Detail. I specialize in paint but I do everything else in between with an attention to detail, you wont find anywhere else.

-Mike Bueno

(Owner Operator)

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